Peter O

My parents never liked each other, but I was conceived on a rainy night when they were both sloppy drunk. Back then, people who got pregnant had to get married. So they did. But, fortunately, they got divorced twelve years later and are very happy now. By the time I was 3, my mother had left me 3,486 times. It had a severe impact on me at the time. By the time I was in high school, I had gone to thirteen different cities in 9 different cities in 4 different states, and 2 provinces. We moved a lot because my father was a professional bank robber -- never robbed actually, just blew safes -- and we had to avoid warrants and the like. I went to college in California. It was fun, but my memory is a bit hazy about some of it. I was in love with this girl from high school who went to the same college. She didn't know I loved her. The law doesn't like that situation very much. I've had over forty jobs over the years. I can't really seem to settle down. I like Dee Jaying. I think I'll keep doing it even after my probation is over all my useful public service is done.