Faced With Declining Revenues, Montezuma County Slashes Contributions to Local Organizations

Dec 12, 2017

A one-two punch to Montezuma County’s revenues has led to sharp reductions in contributions to some nonprofits and other organizations.

On Monday, the commissioners adopted a 2018 budget of roughly $40 million that projects a deficit of about $475,000. The county has been hit hard by soaring home values on Colorado’s Front Range. Those trigger a reduction in the ratio at which residential properties are assessed, meaning the county gets less in property taxes. Declining revenues from carbon-dioxide extraction are also a factor. The final budget eliminates the county’s usual contributions to libraries, FireWise, the Four States Ag Expo, and animal damage control. It cuts out all contributions to the local Economic Development Association, Region 9 Economic Development District, and High Desert Conservation District, and slashes in half the amount paid to the Cortez Animal Shelter. The commissioners said they recognize the importance of the shelter, which accepts strays from throughout the county, but noted that the city is enjoying a 6 percent jump in sales-tax receipts.