Prognosis for Hospital is Good, Southwest Health System Officials Say

May 15, 2018

Southwest Memorial Hospital in Cortez is in no immediate danger despite recent turmoil.

That was the message delivered to the Montezuma County commissioners Monday by the hospital’s interim CEO, Tony Sudduth, who took over the reins after former CEO Kent Rogers and other key administrators were fired in April. Sudduth admitted the hospital is undergoing “a few financial struggles” but said he also sees a lot of positives. Sudduth said he has an “army of people” working on re-billing 11,000 Medicaid claims extending back to 2016. Marketing Director Haley Leonard Saunders told the commissioners that the hospital’s $14 million construction project is about 90 percent complete and slightly under budget. She said the new patient wing recently received its certificate of occupancy and the medical office building is up and running as well. The new offices will allow various doctors who were scattered around Cortez to relocate and centralize services. An open house is planned for June 4.