Southwest Health System Terminates Chief Financial Officer

Apr 16, 2018

A week after removing three of its top executives, Cortez-based health provider Southwest Health System has fired its chief financial officer.

According to SHS spokesperson Haley Leonard Saunders, its board of directors terminated Angela Kobel on Friday afternoon.


Board president Paul Deshayes tells KSJD the board’s decision is related to the financial reasons cited for the April 6th termination of their chief executive officer, chief nursing officer, and chief ambulatory services officer. He says the board decided new financial leadership will make the organization more sustainable.


Deshayes and Saunders state Kobel’s termination is not related to a lawsuit brought against the company by former employee Robyn Bragg. However, Kobel’s actions as CFO were frequently mentioned in Bragg’s complaint. Bragg tells KSJD she still intends to move forward with the suit.


The outside consulting group Community Hospital Corporation is continuing an assessment of the company’s  operations and financials. An interim CEO began work on April 16th.


CORRECTION, 4/16/18: The name of the consulting group has been corrected from Colorado Health Services to Community Hospital Corporation.