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Ag Markets & More brings you a twice-weekly report on issues that affect agriculture and its role in shaping local, national, and global economies.

NAFTA Trade Has Significant Impact on Four Corners Ag

Feb 13, 2018

Farmers and ranchers  in the the U. S. have come to depend upon exports of many agricultural commodities to Mexico and Canada to help support domestic crop and livestock prices.  When representatives of the Trump administration talk about scrapping the North American Free Trade Agreement they get worried.

Calving Season Arrives for Ranchers in the Four Corners

Jan 31, 2018
Scott Bauer / USDA Agricultural Research Service

Calving season on ranches and farms in the Four Corners Region usually runs from February through April, but research suggests that the season would fit cow and calf health better if it occurs in April and May.

Ag Technology On the Horizon

Jan 23, 2018

Within the next decade, farmers will have a lot of new technology to select from to plant, weed and harvest crops, battle weeds, milk their cows, and keep their data.  The question is not whether it will be available, but whether it will improve their farm's profitability.

Cranberry Production Calls for Unique Practices

Nov 23, 2017
Kieth Weller / USDA Agricultural Research Service

Cranberries are a Thanksgiving tradition, that are only grown in a few states, using some interesting production methods.

Locally Sourced Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2017
Kieth Weller / USDA Agricultural Research Service

Thanksgiving dinner is good, locally sources dinner is even better.