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Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:45am and 7:45am
  • Hosted by , Bob Bragg
  • Local Host Jeff Pope

Ag Markets & More brings you a twice-weekly report on issues that affect agriculture and its role in shaping local, national, and global economies.

Water in the West

Jun 3, 2016

As I gather information for the reports that Jeff and I produce for Ag Markets and More, I often stumble onto interesting stories that I'd like to share. However, I know that to distill them down to the allotted three minutes would wring all of the flavor out of them.


Thursday's report is a good example of that. I called water managers around the Four Corners to see what the outlook was for water supplies for irrigation this sumer.


GMOs safe to eat...But?

May 25, 2016

Jeff Pope and I have produced the Ag Markets and More program for over a decade. When we envisioned the program, we initially modeled it on the format of early morning and noontime farm programs that I listened to while growing up in the rural Midwest. Those programs gave farmers, and ranchers in the West, up to date market reports, weather and news that affected their lives and businesses.