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Ag Markets & More brings you a twice-weekly report on issues that affect agriculture and its role in shaping local, national, and global economies.

New Zealand Dairy Farms Contributing Water Pollution

Sep 7, 2017

An August 14th Wall Street Journal article points out the environmental problems that occur when a large number of livestock are confined to a small area.  Too often, manure from confined animal operations end up polluting nearby rivers and streams, whether it occurs in New Zealand or the U.S.  While these operations produce milk and meat at lower cost than small-scale livestock farms and ranches, the costs to the environment are externalized. 

NAFTA Negotiations Worry Farmers

Sep 7, 2017

Farmers and farm commodity organizations are concerned that NAFTA negotiations aren't considering  the importance that trade with Canada and Mexico has for the U.S. agricultural economy. 

Enterprising Young Farmers Entering The Field

Aug 15, 2017
Scott Bauer / U.S.D.A. NRCS

Young people who want to get into a farm or ranch operation today face many barriers, including the cost of land and equipment, finding operating capital, and often, lack of experience.  For several decades, young people have been discouraged from getting into farming and ranching careers by the common wisdom, "that if you can't inherit it or marry into it, you can't farm.  However, there is a trend that has started over the past few years that changing that old saw.  We are seeing both young, and sometime, not so young people finding ways to fulfill their dreams.

CO2 May Not Be Only Factor In Warming Global Tempratures

Aug 10, 2017
Unknown / Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS

U.S.D.A. Nominee Draws Fire & Praise

Aug 10, 2017
Agricultural Research Service U.S.D.A.

President Donald Trump's nomination of Sam Clovis for Undersecretary of Agriculture, with responsibility for science and education has drawn criticism from some members of the Senate Agricultural Committee, and others who question his qualifications for the post.  However, 22 agricultural organizations and commodity groups have endorsed the nomination.  The concern is that Clovis does not have the qualifications for the position, as specified by the 20