Bring On The Night

Tuesday nights from 8-10pm

Hang out with Lis—that’s “Leese”—And Silent J on Tuesday nights.  We have a different theme going each week with a wide variety of music genres.  We’ll strive to bring you some of your old favorites as well as a few new ones.  (You just haven’t heard them yet.)  Showcasing blues, rock, jazz, country, big band, famous and not-so-famous-but-still-pretty-grand musicians, collaborations, live get the picture!  And since we’re kind of geeky, we’ll throw in some musicology and interesting words of the week, too.  We’d love to hear from YOU.  If you have an idea for a theme—for instance, “Duets,” “Love Songs,” “One-hit Wonders,” “Songs About Body Parts”  (Yeah, we get a little weird sometimes)—send us an email: