Colorado House Passes HB 1177 "Red Flag" Bill

Mar 5, 2019
Kaleb Fulgham / Creative Commons

The Colorado House passed the controversial “red-flag” bill on Monday, and now goes to the Senate. House Bill 1177 would allow law enforcement or family members to claim someone a threat to themselves or others and get a court order to have that person’s firearms seized for up to 364 days.

Robstotz / Creative Commons

Students in Santa Fe, Texas are headed back to school today, after a gunman opened fire and killed eight students and two teachers.

Jeff Foster / Creative Commons

Volunteers concerned about rock art near Utah Lake near Provo are taking the issue sitting down, so to speak. The Daily Herald newspaper reports that a small group sat in folding chairs over Easter weekend in front of 10,000-year-old petroglyphs on the lake’s west side to try to deter target-shooters from damaging the ancient works.

Austin Cope

About 250 people marched in Cortez Saturday as part of a nationwide effort to support greater gun safety.

Lucio Eastman / Creative Commons

Would arming key personnel make schools safer?