Colorado's Water Scarcity May Finally Be Coming For Your Local Duck Pond

Water supplies are so tight in the West that most states keep close watch over every creek, river, ditch and reservoir. A complex web of laws and rules is meant to ensure that all the water that falls within a state’s boundaries is put to use or sent downstream to meet the needs of others. To prevent waste and avoid sparking an interstate legal battle, Colorado has started cracking down on what may seem like a drop in the proverbial bucket -- illegal ponds. Martin Mendine recently found...

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Online misinformation is a serious threat, from fake cures for COVID-19 to false information on voting eligibility.

KSJD Local Newscast - June 11, 2021

Jun 11, 2021

An East Texas bakery is being inundated with orders, supportive messages and donations after revealing it faced backlash over its colorful cookies celebrating Pride Month.

The owners of Lufkin-based Confections unknowingly set off the chain of bittersweet events last Wednesday, when they posted a Facebook photo advertising their heart-shaped, rainbow-iced cookies and calling for "More LOVE" and "Less hate."

Rural communities outside America's cities are falling further behind in the race to vaccinate against COVID-19 as President Joe Biden's Fourth of July goal to reach 70% of American adults looms over the horizon.

KSJD Local Newscast - June 10, 2021

Jun 10, 2021

Arizona Recount Moves Into Next Phase

Jun 10, 2021

Arizona Republic reporter Jen Fifield joins host Peter O’Dowd to discuss what’s next in the unofficial recount of 2020 election ballots that supporters of former President Trump are pursuing.

Conserving America’s most precious public lands. It’s the founding duty of the National Park Service. But what does conservation mean with accelerating climate change?

Want to hear the natural sounds of the National Park Service? Click here.

Or, maybe you want to know more about how the NPS plans to tackle climate change. Click here.

Courtesy of Andrew Bare / InciWeb, National Wildfire Coordinating Group

This is the 22nd consecutive year of drought in the Colorado River Basin, which includes the Four Corners region. With extreme drought comes increased risk of wildfires. KSJD public health reporter Tay Glass explores the dangers of wildfire smoke and ways to mitigate its negative effects.

By the time Kiki Radermacher, a mental health therapist, arrived at a Missoula, Mont., home on an emergency 911 call in late May, the man who lived there and had called for help was backed into a corner and yelling at police officers.

The place he was renting was about to be sold. He had called 911 when his fear of becoming homeless turned to thoughts of killing himself.

KSJD Local Newscast - June 9, 2021

Jun 9, 2021



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