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 Juanita Plentyholes shows children the steps of making traditional skirts. They can be worn at powwows, Bear Dance, and Sun Dance.
Clark Adomaitis/KSUT/KSJD
The tribe is hosting Project Peak, a series of workshops focusing on fashion, healthy food, and outdoor activities.
  • Farmland sales prices show strong land values, proposed legislation in Iowa over SNAP food allowances could leave pork producers in a bind, and a recent survey shows that Coloradans want to support the state’s agricultural industry.
  • A group of local community members in Montezuma County is working with doctors from the Indian Health Service to provide medical support for the unhoused. And a new bipartisan bill could make it easier for children going into foster care to be placed with relatives.
  • Under the proposed law, a new committee in the Department of Education would be tasked with developing a system for identifying and addressing substance misuse that could be used by middle and high schools across the state.
  • Water users in southwest Colorado are not opting in to a federal program designed to reduce water consumption. And a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the statehouse are trying to launch a new wildfire detection system for the second year in a row, with the goal of identifying wildfires as early as possible.
  • An affordable-housing community outside of Telluride has disallowed dogs since its inception in 1992 in an effort to protect area wildlife. Over the last half decade, an increase in emotional support animals has become a source of tension in the community of Lawson Hill, and ESA dog owners are beginning to speak out about what they say is an issue of housing discrimination and disability rights.
  • The point in time count, or “pit count,” is an annual count of people experiencing homelessness on a single night in January across the United States. And on Tuesday night, the Cortez City Council passed an ordinance that will allow food trucks to operate in the Cortez Central Business District.
  • All four-year-olds and some three-year-olds in Colorado are now eligible for free pre-school through a state-wide program.
  • The book of poetry by Wyatt Welch is called “Capitalism Calls Poetry Lazy.”
  • Imagine traveling and needing a guide book to tell you what places would offer you lodging or services based on the color of your skin. This was the reality for Black travelers in the United States prior to the end of segregation. History Colorado, the state's historic division, plans a statewide survey of these locations, also known as Green Book sites. A recent federal grant of nearly $75,000 will help make this possible. To learn more, KVNF's Laura Palmisano brings us an interview with History Colorado Chief Preservation Officer Patrick Eidman and Deputy State Preservation Officer Poppie Gullet.
  • China remains the largest customer for U.S. agricultural products again in 2023, the shortage of eggs due to avian flu outbreaks has driven up the price to an average of $4.25 a dozen, and southwest Colorado sees it's biggest snow storm in about 10-12 years.
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