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Jordan Fragua leads tours at Balcony House at Mesa Verde National Park.
Clark Adomaitis
Mesa Verde National Park established an Indigenous Ranger Internship last summer. The program hires young Native Americans as park rangers and tour guides. The National Park Service is trying to include more indigenous perspectives in its storytelling.
  • A new report by a nonprofit that researches Native American boarding schools in the United States has found an additional 115 schools to add to its list, including dozens located in Four Corners tribal communities. The findings by the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition, or NABS, have identified more boarding schools used for the cultural erasure of Native American children, like those located on the Navajo Nation. Many of these schools weren’t fully supported at the federal level but were instead operated by religious institutions like the Catholic and Mormon churches. The NABS report builds off of a list initially compiled by a federal agency in 2022. Carl Slater is a Navajo Nation council delegate who represents five chapter houses in the Chinle Agency.
  • A breakdown of the work yet to do for the 2023 Farm Bill, and some potential stumbling blocks that may be in store for the U.S. agricultural economy.
  • Nearly 30 hot air balloons flew over Snowmass Village last weekend for the annual Snowmass Balloon Festival. It’s a tranquil sport with extra meaning for one pilot from a military background.
  • A new nonprofit, the Wyoming Immigrant Advocacy Project, will offer assistance to the growing community in Teton County.
  • Small communities trying to take advantage of massive federal funding now available for broadband expansion deal with multiple hurdles. Resistance from major providers is just one of them.
  • Marilyn Kroeker discusses her multifaceted artistic talents, which include music, pottery and watercolor painting, and her personal connection to the Four Corners region.
  • Family members of the victims in the body-brokering scam conducted by the owners of the Sunset Mesa Funeral Home in Montrose met on Friday, September 22, at Confluence Park in Delta to remember their loved ones and to release remains that had been returned to them. Sunset Mesa was raided and shut down by the FBI in 2018, and its owners are serving time in a federal prison.
  • Concerns are being raised in Cortez about how – and when – ongoing emergencies are communicated to residents, especially after recent shootings in town. On September 15, a fight broke out near Empire Street that resulted in one bystander being shot and transported to a hospital. It came after another report of shots fired the week before. However, in that case, nobody was injured. Last week, Cortez Police Chief Vernon Knuckles held a community update in Montezuma Park where several residents voiced concerns about not receiving notifications of the shootings through Montezuma County’s Nixle alert system. Cortez police have issued warrants for four suspects they believe were involved in the shooting, but have only made one arrest in connection to it so far.
  • The System Conservation Pilot Program is ready to spend additional millions from the Inflation Reduction Act to save water in the agriculture industry through 2024.
  • Spotlight on the Sunflower Shorts Play Festival: delve into insights from the troupe director, winning playwright, actors, and audience.
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