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New editorial from conservative publisher in Colorado says it's time for Boebert to go

Rep. Lauren Boebert speaks to a crowd in Montrose, Colorado on March 15, 2021.
Gavin Dahl
Rep. Lauren Boebert speaks to a crowd in Montrose, Colorado on March 15, 2021.

A western Colorado newspaper publisher, who gushed about Lauren Boebert last summer, has penned an editorial declaring he is one of a growing number of conservatives who have had enough of her antics. From our Rocky Mountain Community Radio partner station KVNF in Delta County, Colorado, Gavin Dahl shares this interview.

Dennis Anderson is the publisher of the Montrose Press and the Delta County Independent. Last week, he penned a new editorial under the headline: "Opinion: It's time to move on from Boebert's Antics." He calls congressmember Lauren Boebert "an embarrassment to Western Colorado," and ends the piece by saying he hopes a different candidate can return some dignity to the office of the third congressional district.

But Anderson is not someone who is opposed to Boebert simply because of her party affiliation. What makes his new editorial so significant is that it demonstrates how disillusioned he has become after editorializing in support of her last year.

When Boebert upset four-term incumbent Scott Tipton in the primary that summer, Anderson gushed about her in an editorial, saying, “she’s the real deal when it comes to conservative values.” He also said, “her convictions are deep rooted,” and added, “she’s a devout Christian and seemingly walks the walk.”

Now, Anderson points to her insults and says, "she truly represents only her own selfish ambitions, making up outlandish stories to give a false narrative to her schtick that she’s a freedom fighter."