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Don't Let Hyperphagia Phase Ya!

White River National Forest / courtesy photo

Wildlife is a big draw for visitors and new residents of the Rocky Mountain region. Local schools even name their sports teams the Moose, the Buffalo and the Cougars as an affectionate nod to familiar critters. A staple of Rocky Mountain wildlife is bears, and this is the time of year when they are most active and most likely to accidentally interact with humans as they enter hyperphagia, their state of increased snacking to prepare for hibernation. For KDNK, Hattison Rensberry has more in a discussion with Shelly Grail, a Forest Service Recreation Manager, about bears and their hyperphagia. Grail recommends checking with national forest and state park websites for more information about bears in your area, and how best to avoid conflicts with them.

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Hattison Rensberry