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Colorado Springs is mourning after a shooting at an LGBTQ club killed 5 people


Mourners, including many in the LGBTQ community, gathered at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Colorado Springs last night to hear words of sorrow, remembrance and strength.


CAROLYN CATHEY: Club Q has been around for 21 years. They were a haven and are still a haven for those of us who have been lost, discarded, discounted. Our hearts break, but we came together today to celebrate a life well lived in our town, and we shall not be moved.

MATTHEW HAINES: I look at people here and I see over 20 years' worth of people that grew up with Club Q, that changed with Club Q, that made their group of friends at Club Q. And they found their friends, and they found their community there. And last night - last night, one man went into our home and murdered five - murdered five of our community.

NADINE BRIDGES: Nothing should ever get in the way of our love. We will not allow hate to be the thing that takes away our dignity or joy.

MARTIN: The voices of activist Carolyn Cathey, Club Q owner Matthew Haines and Nadine Bridges with One Colorado. They spoke at a vigil last night. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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