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Throwback Swing Brings Vintage Vibes with a Modern Twist

Mike Wingo's percussion array
Mike Wingo
Mike Wingo's percussion array

Members of the band Throwback Swing, percussionist Mike Wingo and lead vocalist and flutist Linda Gamble Baker, shared insights into their musical journey and unique sound. The band, known for its improvisational style and swing roots, will play this Friday, May 31st at the ZU Gallery in Cortez at 6pm.

The formation of Throwback Swing is a tale of serendipity and mutual connections. Linda Gimble-Baker recalled how Chad McCluskey, the band's guitarist, brought them together. Mike Wingo met Chad during a visit to Durango. When he moved to the area, they reconnected, and he joined the band.

Throwback Swing's music is characterized by its rich improvisation and homage to jazz traditions.

The band's repertoire includes a mix of swing classics and modern interpretations. They perform bossa novas, and have recently folded tracks by Santana and the Beatles into their sets. This blend of genres keeps their performances fresh and engaging.

Reflecting on her previous performance at the ZU's listening room series with the local band Horizon, Linda praised the intimate setting and attentive audience.

As they prepare for their next show, Throwback Swing promises even more vocal performances from Linda, who has grown more confident as a singer.

Mike's percussion setup is another highlight of their performances. He described his array of instruments, including hand drums, temple blocks, a gong, and custom-made wind chimes from stainless steel bolts.

With their blend of vintage swing and contemporary flair, Throwback Swing continues to enchant audiences. Their upcoming performance promises to be a vibrant showcase of musical talent and improvisational prowess, keeping the spirit of swing alive and well.

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