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Is Urban Agriculture A Fad or A Trend?

Joe Larson
Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS
Indoor farming produces local vegetables in urban settings..

Plenty United, a two year old firm, plans to increase production of lettuce, arugula and herbs to over three million pounds annually in their 51,000 square foot converted factory building located by San Francisco Bay.  They also plan to set up growing operations near 60 cities in the U.S. and to eventually expand operations globally.  The company raised 26 million dollars to fund the startup of their San Francisco operation, and have reportedly received backing from billionaires Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt and various investment firms.

Plenty United isn't the only urban farm.  Another example of re-purposed building is the Brooklyn Grange Farm, which is a roof top garden at the former Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City.