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Organizers of Cortez Women’s March Promote Inclusivity in ‘2020 Vision’

Gail Binkly
File photo of the 2017 Women’s March in Cortez.";

The Women's March on Washington will mark its third year next week — but not without facing allegations of anti-semitism among its national founders and bringing uncertainty to the local level.

Across the country, local organizers are working to handle the news. Some are canceling marches, others are fracturing into different groups. In Cortez, organizers are placing an increased emphasis on inclusivity.

Rebecca Busic, the mistress of ceremonies for the Jan. 19 Women’s March in Cortez, talked with KSJD’s Daniel Rayzel about what the march represents in 2019 and how The People's Place is navigating the controversy at the national level.

Disclosure: Rebecca is married to Jeff Busic, a board member of the Community Radio Project that oversees KSJD and the Sunflower Theatre. Jeff was not involved in arranging or producing this interview.