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Theater Grottesco Wants You to Think on Your Feet (But No Shoes, Please)

Courtesy of Theater Grottesco

Theater Grottesco comes to the Sunflower Theatre on Friday with a play exploring the history of theater and its contemporary adaptations.

Consider This…” goes through the classic western styles of theater while catering to each night’s audience, says founding artistic director John Flax.

“We try to speak to some issues that might be happening in that particular area where we’re performing,” Flax said.


The troupe also places an emphasis on the power of movement when words fail.


“If we can say something without words, it usually sinks in a lot deeper,” Flax said. “It’s always what an actor does on stage (that) says so much more than what they say.”


Theater Grottesco will also be hosting a workshop Saturday focused on physical and improvisational techniques for theater. 


Workshop attendees should wear loose-fitting clothing, remove their jewelry and put their hair up. Also, leave your shoes on the doormat — Flax says they inhibit creativity.


Flax joined KSJD’s Daniel Rayzel to talk about how Theater Grottesco keeps an old art form fresh and why character development is best done with your shoes off.


See “Consider This…” at the Sunflower Theatre in downtown Cortez at 7:30 p.m. Friday, September 6. Theater Grottesco’s workshop will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, September 7. Visit for tickets and more information.