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3 Years In Sanctuary, Rosa Sabido Awaits With Hope For Change

Daniel Rayzel

This week marked three years since Rosa Sabido started sanctuary at the Mancos United Methodist Church. Lately, with in-person religious services suspended because of the coronavirus, she says it’s been quiet day-to-day. 

“It’s a little bit sad,” she said, thinking of the events the church usually holds to recognize the amount of time she’s spent in sanctuary.

Sabido, a Mexican immigrant, says she stays connected with the community, including her supporters with Rosa Belongs Here, when people call to check in on her and deliver supplies to her home within Fellowship Hall. She relies on donations for her income, so during a time where in-person events are limited, fundraising and awareness for her case have grown online.

On Saturday, Rosa Belongs Here kicks off its latest campaign, a weeklong online silent auction recognizing Sabido’s third year in sanctuary. Sabido said she’s amazed by the support shown through the goods and services that have been donated, including from Carbondale-based band Let Them Roar.

As Sabido faces an undetermined future, she says she will continue to hope for reform in immigration law and for political leaders to aid in a path to citizenship.

“I need to be very patient to see how things will change,” she said. “Seems like I’m going to have to remain here all this time.”

Hear KSJD’s full interview with Sabido below.

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