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Montezuma County Commissioner Candidate Interview: Rebecca Samulski

Joe Samulski
Rebecca Samulski is an unaffiliated candidate for Montezuma County commissioner.

As ballots arrive this week in the mailboxes of registered Colorado voters, KSJD News spoke with both candidates running in the only contested race for the Montezuma County Commission: Republican Joel Stevenson and unaffiliated candidate Rebecca Samulski. 

Samulski joined the District 3 race with a petition campaign in the weeks following the June primary election, when Stevenson won the nomination and no Democrats entered the race. Republican Kent Lindsay in District 2 remains unopposed for the November election.

Commission districts are drawn to different areas of the county, but eligible voters throughout the county can vote in any district.

Both Samulski and Stevenson prerecorded their interviews last week with the same set of questions that were not shared with candidates in advance. Each candidate was given up to 10 minutes to discuss their views on changing the land use code, renewable energy support, post-pandemic economic recovery, and a final pitch to undecided voters.

Listen below for Samulski’s candidate interview with KSJD’s Daniel Rayzel, and click here for Stevenson’s interview.

Disclosure: Samulski is an underwriter of KSJD. 

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and timing.