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Camila Cabello's 'Shameless' And 'Liar' Explode The Fiery Throes Of Love

If summer's over, nobody told Camila Cabello because Romance contains the heat of a thousand passions. The pop singer has dropped not one, but two tracks from her second album, both of which express the desperate, unapologetic and fiery throes of love.

"These songs are basically the story of my life the past couple years and the stories I've accumulated," she says in a statement announcing the tracks. "I knew for a long time I wanted my album to be called Romance because these stories are about falling in love."

With big rock guitars and a simmering build to climax, "Shameless" channels some serious energy from early Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna before levitating to flamenco syncopation and throttling synth-bass. The video features a group of Cabello look-alikes, a sexy confession booth and, as if there was any need to drive the point further, lots of flames.

"Liar," by comparison, is far more subdued, but its reggae-flamenco fusion contains no less heat. We're just gonna have to start another special season just for Camila Cabello's new era.

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