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Big Thief's 'U.F.O.F.' And 'Two Hands' Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Big Thief
Big Thief

Big Thief had a pretty remarkable 2019. The band put out two beautiful albums, U.F.O.F. in May and Two Hands in October. Paired together, these albums present a larger picture of the band at the height of its powers, thinking and performing beyond the traditional album-tour cycle. The records, as lead singer Adrianne Lenker puts it, are spiritual siblings, or the opposite sides of a coin. While they're both Big Thief records through and through, the sound of each is dramatically different than the other.

I spoke with Adrianne and guitarist Buck Meek about the intention of recording the two albums in different locations, how they deal with fans' expectations and how this group of musicians feels like family, even to outsiders like me. Plus, do you like boondocking? Big Thief can help. But first, hear a special performance of the song "Not" at the start of this session. Listen in the player above.

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