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The Best-Sounding Tiny Desk Concerts, Vol. 2

Day in and day out, my ears are filled with the most wonderful sounds. I've recorded and mixed over 600 artists at the Tiny Desk. But when it comes to sound quality, everyone's got an opinion. That's why the second volume of the best-sounding Tiny Desk concerts features selections from some of my favorite YouTube shoutouts.


The fact that you can still hear the shakers is a testament to the audio engineer for these shows. Excellent.

Snoh Aalegra

Who said R&B was dead? This was so smooth, such '90s feels and the mixing/production is faultless as per usual for NPR, easily becoming one of my favorite channels.


Everyone should just record their damn albums at NPR. The sound engineering is always so perfect. On another note, I'm about to go sit in a corner and repent because I was cussing all throughout this performance.

Jacob Collier

The audio engineer who records Tiny Desk Concerts might be the most talented person on Earth.

After Jacob. But yes.

Snarky Puppy

NPR's sound mixing is usually good, but mixing SP properly is some next level ishh because they have like... well, you can see all of them :-}

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Josh Rogosin (he/him) stumbled into NPR HQ in 1999 on his way to mixing shows at The Shakespeare Theatre in downtown DC. Since then, he has been at the controls for all of NPR's flagship newsmagazines and gathered sound in far flung places like Togo and Benin, West Africa, Cambodia and Greece for the Radio Expeditions series. He has engineered at NPR West and NPR NY and spent two years as Technical Director at Marketplace Productions in Los Angeles. He served as Senior Broadcast Engineer for New York Public Radio and Studio 360, and was an originating producer and sound designer for NPR's Ask Me Another.