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The Avett Brothers' 'Third Gleam' Reminds Us Why We Fell In Love With Them

The Avett Brothers' sound has grown in size and scope in the last decade — something you could really hear on Closer Than Together, their adventurous 2019 release. But on their new album, The Third Gleam, Scott and Seth Avett take a different turn and bring things back to their roots. No big band, no synths, no electric guitar. Just the brothers and their longtime bassist, Bob Crawford, for a series of songs that remind you why people fell in love with this band in the first place. The lyrics, the honesty, the feeling you could be in the room, right there, up close with them as they sing their heart out.

One of the most fascinating things about Scott and Seth is how their songwriting process is in harmony with one another. Both brothers brought their own songs to The Third Gleam sessions, but they seem content to share credit in a way that many artists might not. In this session, they talk about what makes that work, their auto racing roots in North Carolina, and they reflect on 20-plus years making music together.

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