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Brendan Leonard: Adventure Writing Isn't Always Glamorous, but it Sure Beats Working

Forest Woodward

Adventure writer and blogger Brendan Leonard describes himself as someone who likes running and trail running, but who probably likes ice cream more. He says he mostly avoids avalanches by not being a good enough skier to get on slopes steep enough to slide. But, he says, he loves the mountains, and he’s enthusiastic for things that bring humans together, especially in the outdoors.

He’s bicycled across America, traversed the Grand Canyon once on a raft and twice on foot, and spent three years living out of a converted van to climb and adventure in the mountains throughout the West.

He is the creator of the blog, and his work has appeared in magazines like Adventure Journal, Backpacker, and High Country News. His new book is called 60 Meters to Anywhere, which talks about how he overcame his struggles with addiction in the outdoors.

He talked to KSJD's Austin Cope about his approach to writing, protecting the outdoors, and the creative process.

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