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Hard Cider Makes its Way into Montezuma County Beverage Market

Photo courtesy of Martha Teal

Montezuma County's alcoholic beverage production includes various beer and wine producers, plus a distillery in Mancos.  But hard cider is entering the local market as well. KSJD's Austin Cope visited Dusty and Martha Teal, the owners of a start-up cider business located between Dolores and Lewis. They have just begun selling cider from their orchard under the brand name Teal Cider. Austin visited them and their assistant Jared Scott, a PHD student at Colorado State University. 

They talked first about their cider operation and how it plays into the local economy.

Afterwards, they continued their conversation over glasses of cider on the Teals' front porch. Click the audio below to listen.

Credit Austin Cope / KSJD
Teal Orchard Cider Tasting

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