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The Chicken Raper: Traversing the History of Rafting the Dolores River

Still from 'The Chicken Raper'

The Dolores River is home to whitewater rapids known by many names, such as the Stateline, the Narrows and … the Chicken Raper. 

The name often catches attention for its discomforting nature and is the subject of “The Story of Chicken Raper,” a documentary directed by Cody Perry.


Like many who first hear about the nickname for the stretch of rapids at the Utah-Colorado border, Perry was intrigued. He wanted to know more.


The documentary’s result: Knowing the story of Chicken Raper is to know Chris Raffin, its namesake, and her legacy for rafting in the Southwest.


Perry joined KSJD’s Daniel Rayzel ahead of the documentary’s screening at the Sunflower Theatre Friday.