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Colorado House Passes HB 1177 "Red Flag" Bill

Kaleb Fulgham
Creative Commons

The Colorado House passed the controversial “red-flag” bill on Monday, and now goes to the Senate. House Bill 1177 would allow law enforcement or family members to claim someone a threat to themselves or others and get a court order to have that person’s firearms seized for up to 364 days.
Last week the Montezuma County Commission passed a resolution declaring the county a so-called “gun sanctuary” in an effort to keep HB 1177 from being enforced in Montezuma County, but it is unclear if the resolution carries any legal authority for law enforcement, and Montezuma County Sheriff Steve Nowlin refused to sign the resolution.

Fremont County in south-central Colorado has passed a similar “gun sanctuary” resolution in response to HB 1177.

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