Daniel Rayzel / KSJD

Photographers, migrating animals, and cultural histories all share a reliance and admiration for one thing: clear, dark, starry skies. But the preservation of dark skies is threatened by development, including ever-growing cities and the infrastructure needed for oil and gas production. As KSJD's Daniel Rayzel reported in mid-December, Southeast Utah is just one of the places where advocates say mitigation for light pollution is often ignored.

Julia Caulfield / KOTO

Three local governments in Colorado have joined the growing rank of lawsuits filed against fossil fuel companies for their role in climate change. KOTO's Julia Caulfield reports on the effect the lawsuits could have even before they’re decided in court.


About twice a week, oil and gas operators in Colorado’s Piceance Basin file “Form 19” also called a Spill Report with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Nine times out of 10, the spilled substance is a form of hazardous waste byproduct called produced water. KDNK’s Lucas Turner has more on waste water and its impact in the Piceance Basin in 2019.