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Dj Nova

On New Years Eve 2012, Bonnie Bryant (aka Dj Nova) resigned herself to do something that scares and excites herself every week. By March of 2013 she first signed on the air with KSJD Public Radio Broadcasting as an extension of her creative and expressive self.

Bonnie was first exposed to Underground House music in the early 90’s in Louisville Kentucky. Since then her insatiable longing has been to connect with people in her community who possess the same passion for electronic music with heart and soul. The birth of Transfusion.Radio brought KSJD it’s first all-electronic radio show to the airwaves and Bonnie, the cure to what ailed her… Dj Nova. Her greatest thrill is broadening people's appreciation and listening palette to the largest and fastest growing genre of music in the history of music.

When you dial in, you will discover that Dj Nova’s unbridled enthusiasm for electronic music, beautifully orchestrated by the world's leading and emerging artists, is the lure that will entice you to become a Transfusion.Radio listener.

Tune in Saturday nights from 8-10 pm/mtn to get your weekly dose. Transfusion.Radio… music with heart and soul.

“I think one of the best gifts you can give someone is the gift of music. It opens us up from the inside out and reveals who we truly are”  -Dj Nova