Kellie Pettyjohn

Kellie Pettyjohn is owner/operator of The Wily Carrot, a small, organic vegetable farm and co-owner of the new Mancos Valley CSA.  Prior to farming, she dabbled in homeland security, international conservation and Antarctic janitorial services.  She has always been fascinated with the relationship between humans and the land.  After studying Anthropology and Journalism in college she had planned on traveling the world, collecting stories.  Now, she hopes to bring that curiosity about our connection to the land and our sense of place to The Big Fat Farm Show.

Courtesy of Rachel Landis

Preparing for plenty of fruit from your trees this year? In this month’s Big Fat Farm Show, host Kellie Pettyjohn comes across one way to improve your harvest.

M. Karlos Baca/2018 Food Justice Symposium

In this month’s Big Fat Farm Show, host Kellie Pettyjohn takes a look at how activism and food work together in the Four Corners.

Daniel Rayzel

At the corner of North and Beech streets in downtown Cortez, the Montezuma Food Coalition marks a new intersection of arts education and food distribution in the county.

Martha Teal

Spring is (almost) in the air. Are your trees ready? 

Courtesy of Emily Lockard/Southwestern Colorado Research Center.

The 2018 U.S. Farm Bill opened up the doors for growing hemp as a commercial product. What does that mean for growers in the Four Corners?