Sam Carter

Sam Carter grew up as a proud St Louis Cardinal’s baseball fan listening to games on KMOX radio.  With this came an understanding of AM radio and baseball and how this combination helped his parents and other folks survive the Great Depression.  Radio was a big entertainment for Sam beyond Cardinals baseball as there wasn’t much TV allowed for him growing up.  In college Sam became a volunteer DJ at KDUR and quickly moved to revitalizing and hosting a weekly talk show, “Making Waves.”  Once stationary in Montezuma County he helped create the “Roadkill Report” for KSJD and later helped initiate “River Radio” to cover river related topics with specific focus on the Dolores River.  Join him the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 AM for another fulfilling show.

Mor / Creative Commons

In this episode of The River Trip, host Sam Carter talks with Peter Butler of the Animas River Stakeholders Group about what has been learned about the effects of the Gold King Mine waste spill into the Animas River in early August, how it has brought more attention to river contamination from mining, and where we go from here.

Jeff Adams

In this episode of the River Trip, host Sam Carter talks with Jeff Adams of Interior West Consulting about his work as an archaeologist along the Salmon River in Idaho, the prehistoric and historic sites that are located there, and how the Salmon River corridor was used over thousands of years of human history.

Paddling With Purpose

In this episode of the River Trip, host Sam Carter talks with Stefanie Wessel of Paddling With Purpose about her trip to the Rio Marañón in Peru, the largest tributary to the Amazon River, resistance to an effort to build a series of dams along the Rio Marañón, and a documentary film that will raise awareness about the river and its current threats.

Rig To Flip

River filmmakers Rig to Flip are currently researching and filming the Dolores River to tell the complex story of “The River of Sorrows.” In this episode of the River Trip, host Sam Carter talks with Ben Saheb, Juliann Poma, and Cody Perry from Rig To Flip about the importance of this film, and how it is being made.

Bureau of Land Management / Creative Commons

In this episode of the River Trip, host Sam Carter talks with Bill Dvorak of Dvorak Rafting, Kayaking, and Fishing Expeditions, about the recent designation of the Browns Canyon National Monument along the Arkansas River in central Colorado, and Amber Clark, Chair of the Legislative Subcommittee for the Lower Dolores Plan Working Group, about a proposed National Conservation Area for the Dolores River Canyon.