416 Fire Under National Management; San Juan National Forest Reopens

Jun 21, 2018

416 Fire management will transition to a National Incident Management Organization team on Friday. The switch marks the end of the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Type 1 Team’s two-week service at the fire.

The new team specializes in longer wildfires (416 Fire has been burning since June 1) that are also deeper in the forest and away from densely populated areas.

Now at 34,184 acres, the fire has reached 37 percent containment with hundreds of firefighters on the scene. Dry, hot weather covering the region is creating continued caution among firefighters and residents. Cooler weekend temperatures could also bring weaker gusts of wind, providing conditions that are less likely to encourage wildfire growth.

Additionally, the San Juan National Forest reopened nine days after it closed because of wildfire danger. The decision to reopen (and close) the forest came from a set of criteria, such as fuel moisture and the Burning Index. Fire restrictions remain in place as the forest reopens alongside Bureau of Land Management lands in the Durango area.