Cortez, Montezuma County Signs Proclamations Encouraging Green Lights for Veterans

Oct 31, 2019

Have you seen green lights going up on porches in your neighborhood? 


Proclamations signed in October by the mayor of Cortez and the Montezuma County commissioners are supporting them — all in the hope of shining a light on veterans in the community.

The proclamations ask for people to switch out a visible light - like on a porch or garage - for a green one. Green was chosen as a color for hope, renewal and well-being.


Though the proclamations share a name with a nationwide organization promoting the same cause, they are not affiliated. Mayor Karen Sheek said it was brought to the attention of the Cortez City Council by a county resident, who said her neighborhood has participated for about four years.


Note: The City of Cortez is an underwriter of KSJD.


The council then drafted a proclamation asking residents to join in not only for Veterans Day, but throughout the year. It was read and approved on Oct. 22 and later signed by Sheek.

The signed "Greenlight a Vet" proclamation from the Montezuma County commissioners. The proclamation mirrors the one drafted by the Cortez City Council.
Credit Montezuma County Commission


“It’s just an opportunity for people to take one small step by replacing a bulb on their front porch,” Sheek said. “To just express their support and gratitude for military folks, and that extends to their families as well.”


Sheek said the Montezuma County commissioners signed a copy of the proclamation after a joint meeting Monday.