Itchy Throat? Runny Nose? Understanding Allergy Symptoms During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Apr 23, 2020

In this week’s coronavirus update with Southwest Health System staff, KSJD speaks with Kerri White-Singleton, COO of the Southwest Medical Group, about the concerns that come up with allergy symptoms during the coronavirus outbreak. 

It’s that time of year for those who suffer from allergies: Runny noses. Itchy throats. Watery eyes. These are all typical symptoms, White-Singleton said, so try taking your usual allergy medication.

Note: Southwest Health System is an underwriter of KSJD.

While those irritations may make you feel a bit anxious about possibly having COVID-19, symptoms like fever and difficulty breathing are more likely signs.

Keeping an eye on changes to your health is important as COVID-19 affects people in different ways, White-Singleton said. For some, that may mean monitoring intake from your oxygen tank. Others may not experience any symptoms, part of the importance of wearing a mask and following other health orders.

On the other end of the spectrum, concerns about getting COVID-19 should not stop someone from seeking emergency care, White-Singleton said. The Colorado Sun reported Thursday that hospitals around Colorado have noticed patients who are avoiding emergency rooms even when having a heart attack or stroke.

“It’s really important to seek treatment when you’re experiencing something that is uncomfortable to the point where you’re starting to feel like you need medical attention,” White-Singleton said. “The presence of COVID in the community should not change that.”

Hear White-Singleton’s full interview with KSJD below.