Montezuma-Cortez High School Cuts World History Course From Graduation Requirements

May 17, 2018

Students at Montezuma Cortez High School will no longer be required to take World History classes after this year.

According to a school statement released to KSJD on Tuesday, Cortez students had previously been required to take World History, US History, and Government classes in order to graduate.


Now, requirements will include a US History and a Government class, plus an elective of students’ choice. Such electives could include Economics, Psychology, or Geo-Political Affairs, and, “if the demand is there,” World History.


The statement did not specifically address whether the World History courses would be offered in the future.


The school reports the change was made to “in order to allow students to have more choice in their high school education”  and to “improve motivation and relevancy.” It says the decision is based on state requirements that only require civics classes, and on local requirements that require only US History and Government courses.

The Montezuma-Cortez High School seniors’ last day is Friday. They will graduate on May 24th.