Montezuma County Sheriff Recommends Adopting County Marijuana Regulations

Jun 11, 2018

Montezuma County Sheriff Steve Nowlin suggested Monday that the county consider adopting regulations on growing marijuana for personal use or as a caregiver.

Nowlin said San Miguel County recently adopted such rules under a new state law that allows counties to regulate such cultivation. Nowlin said that county’s system requires growers to get a permit and imposes restrictions on odor, light, and other factors in order to limit impacts on neighbors. Under Colorado law, people can grow a small amount of cannabis for their own use or as caregivers.

Montezuma County does not allow commercial marijuana cultivation in its unincorporated areas. Nowlin said he already gets “a lot of complaints” from neighbors of growers here. Commissioner Keenan Ertel said such an ordinance could encourage those growers to move to the Front Range, “where they belong.”