Navajo Nation Election Results

Nov 6, 2018

Get the latest on Navajo Nation’s presidential election, referendums and more.

Results are subject to change during verification in the following days. You can read full unofficial results from the Navajo Election Administration here.

64 percent of voters participated, an increase from 53 percent in the 2014 presidential election.

Presidential Race

KSJD is calling Jonathan Nez as Navajo Nation's next president. Nez, the current vice president, holds about double the votes over his competitor, former president Joe Shirley Jr., with all chapters reporting. Myron Lizer, Nez's running mate, will serve as vice president.


President Russell Begaye did not advance to the general ballot after August's primaries, and later endorsed the rival of his vice president.

Salary Referendum


A referendum to raise the salaries of the president and vice president lost with a 67 percent majority. Read the full language of the question here.