Over 30 Years Later, A School Shooting Still Haunts One of its Witnesses

May 29, 2018

Students in Santa Fe, Texas are headed back to school today, after a gunman opened fire and killed eight students and two teachers.

This particular shooting, like many such incidents, may no longer be part of national media coverage in a few weeks. But the effects of shootings like this can last for years, especially for those who witnessed them firsthand.

In the mid 1980s, Cortez resident Kathleen Davidson was a student at Fergus County High School, in the small town of Lewistown, Montana. One of her fellow students brought a gun to school and opened fire. The effects of that day stay with her today. Click below to listen to her story (note: contains graphic descriptions of violence).

Since that incident, the gunman, Kristofor Hans, has been released from prison.  Kathleen reflected on what she would say to him today, and also more on how our society deals with such incidents. Click below to listen.