The Montezuma Mixtape

Monthly each third Friday on the Zine
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Montezuma Mixtape provides the audible proof that a small town county can be full of big stories. Without restrictions of fiction or non fiction, comedy or tragedy, the show freely endeavors to profile the way in which stories provide the unique texture of a community.  Paired with each story is a cross-genre mixtape of songs that mirror the narrative.  Music exists for the story, the story exists for the music, and your neighbor is the evidence.

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Episode 7 - Stacey Couch

Jan 17, 2014

Hawks change the way Stacey sees herself.

Montezuma Mixtape - Savanna Davenport

Jan 14, 2014

The family matriarch skips her homework and meets a band of Apaches on horseback.

Episode 5 - Shane Snyder

Jan 14, 2014

  When the full moon rises over the hills, Snyder runs from the drum circle into the ocean.

1)  The Grateful Dead – Crazy Fingers

2)  The Grateful Dead – Drums (Fillmore 04-29-1971)

3)  The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anemone

4)  David Crosby – Music Is Love

5)  Robin Pecknold (White Antelope) – Derwentwater Stones

6)  The Band – Chest Fever

7)  Graham Nash – Hey You (Looking at the Moon)

Episode 4 - Caitlin Sommer

Jan 14, 2014

A magical black goat leads Skuki to her family.


Track Listing

1)  Mac DeMarco – Dreaming

2)  Devendra Banhart – Now That You Know

3)  Medeski, Martin & Wood – Nocturne

4)  M. Ward – First Time I Ran Away

5)  Animal Collective – Sweet Road

6)  Robin Huw Bowen – The Aber-Nant Waltz, The Dinefwr Waltz

7)  The Moody Blues – Om

Episode 3 - Mancos John

Jan 14, 2014

  Mancos John is led to a cave full of Spanish gold by a band of honey hungry bears.


Track Listing

1)  The Hillmen (Chris Hillmen) – Back Road Fever

2)  Jimmie Rogers – Mule Skinner Blues

3)  The Byrds – One Hundred Years

4)  Railroad Earth – Black Bear

5)  Doc Watson – Doc’s Guitar

6)  David Grisman & Jerry Garcia – Jack-A-Roe