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beef cattle

  • Controversy over atmospheric methane contribution from cattle continues, consumer groups petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to stop livestock producers from administering antibiotics, beef cattle producers may see rewards from higher prices this year, and while local farmers and ranchers are happy to see the snow, drought remains a big problem overall.
  • The Trump era trade war impact on the U.S. agricultural economy, what a world population of 8 billion means for food production and distribution, how cattle are being used to create fire breaks to assist in wildfire fighting, and why lettuce growers in the southwest are harvesting lettuce a little early this year.
  • A look at food price increases over the past year, the factors behind increased retail prices for beef, the Food and Drug Administration will now require a veterinary prescription for injected antibiotics for livestock, and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature adds the monarch butterfly to its “red list” of threatened species.
  • Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act introduced in the Senate to address the lack of competition in the meat packing industry, beekeepers work to control Varroa mites and the diseases they carry, USDA continues to payout millions of dollars to producers who may not have benefited from the initial aid offered following the corona virus pandemic.
  • Calving season on ranches and farms in the Four Corners Region usually runs from February through April, but research suggests that the season would fit…
  • Cattle producers are seeing more favorable prices for their weaned calves this year compared to 2016.
  • According to the U.S.D.A., India became the top exporter of beef in the world in 2014. However, Hinduism holds the cow as a revered creature. The catch…
  • While beef cattle sales amount to 37% of the agricultural income in the Four Corners Region, for many ranch families, cattle are their only income. So are…