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Board Meetings

  • On Friday, elections for the Empire Electric Association’s board of directors will come to a close. David Sitton is a Cortez resident and a long-term incumbent running against Jennifer Magnuson in the utility cooperative’s sixth district, which includes parts of Cortez and Mancos. Sitton, who first ran for his board seat in 1996, says that one of the biggest challenges the cooperative faces is the need for additional infrastructure in order to handle higher demand for electricity. Sitton also says he doesn’t see the board as having political issues that need to be resolved, and that he views its main role as being to provide oversight of the business. And Governor Jared Polis vetoed several bills Tuesday that had previously passed the state legislature.
  • Members of Renew’s board of directors had several heated exchanges during a tense open board meeting Tuesday. Five of the six board members received two…