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Colorado River Basin

  • The controversy over the gray wolf appears to be far from over in the West and in western Colorado, solar energy companies are paying farmers to lease their ground for solar energy production, and some insight into the use of water from the Colorado River for irrigating alfalfa.
  • A look into the complexities of water rights, agricultural use, and the continued search for shared solutions in the Colorado River basin as drought conditions continue.
  • The USDA projects U.S. agricultural exports will decline while imports will increase, egg prices could fall dramatically this year if avian influenza stays in check, urban and agricultural interests bring up questions about Colorado River Basin water management, and a new USDA report shows that overall farmland is declining across the country while large farm consolidation is on the rise.
  • A new grant is expected to help tie up the deal to protect key parcels of land close to Mesa Verde National Park, according to the Public News Service. And January measurements show snowpack is above average for the Colorado River basin for this time of year.
  • Low water levels on the Mississippi River continue to be of concern to farmers, water managers in the southwestern U.S. consider the outlook for this winter and next summer, and highly pathogenic avian influenza in turkeys could mean high prices for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • The Colorado Secretary of state’s office is done checking the signatures for all of the ballot initiatives submitted for the November election. And a strong monsoon season continues to bring drought relief to much of the Colorado River basin.
  • Colorado is launching a new financial aid program to help students who want to become health care workers. And the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona announced it will abandon a multi-state deal on the Colorado River to keep its biggest reservoir from declining.
  • Conservatives in northern Colorado are trying to recall a state senator who left the Republican party this week to become a Democrat. And seven water utilities from across the Colorado River basin released a new commitment for conservation on Wednesday, but their efforts will be a small part of helping a region strained by drought and overuse.
  • Federal officials aren’t ready to give states along the Colorado River a new deadline for water conservation goals. And an initiative that would create a state affordable housing fund in Colorado will be on the ballot in November.
  • A new round of cutbacks is coming for some water users on the Colorado River. And a new poll shows a majority of Arizonans support permanently banning uranium mining around the Grand Canyon.