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Colorado State House

  • Kathleen Curry, a Democrat from Gunnison, announced this month she’s running for Colorado House District 58. Curry previously served three terms as a representative in the State Legislature, changing her party affiliation in 2009 from Democrat to unaffiliated. She later lost reelection. Curry told Colorado Politics that when she left the Democratic Party in 2009 she was frustrated with the party system in general. In June, Curry changed her voter registration back to Democrat and subsequently began a bid for House District 58. If elected, Curry says changing her party affiliation will help her constituents, in part because of the realities of where the legislature is at in terms of party control.
  • In Dolores, a group of residents is working to fundraise for a bike and skate park to be constructed nearby. And state lawmakers are trying to tackle the high costs of epinephrine auto-injectors, or EpiPens.
  • Water users in southwest Colorado are not opting in to a federal program designed to reduce water consumption. And a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the statehouse are trying to launch a new wildfire detection system for the second year in a row, with the goal of identifying wildfires as early as possible.
  • Colorado lawmakers have unveiled a bill to make large manufacturers pay for a new statewide recycling program. Utah is joining 20 other states in suing to end the federal transportation mask mandate.
  • The Colorado House has passed a $36 billion budget for next year, but no Republicans are supporting it. Utah’s new law banning transgender girls from competing in girls school sports has led to speculation about losing out on economic opportunities.
  • Colorado lawmakers have introduced a thirty-four-billion-dollar budget.The National Park Service announced on Monday that Mesa Verde National Park has…
  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis relaxed the statewide mask mandate over the weekend as coronavirus cases are rising in many parts of the region, including…
  • The latest version boils down to an ultimatum to the health care industry: Bring insurance prices down by 20% by 2024 – or the government will step in…
  • The Colorado Supreme Court says Demoncratic state lawmakers should not have used computers to block Republicans who were trying to filibuster some of…
  • The Cortez City Council held its bi-weekly meeting on Tuesday, approving additional spending for the police department and voting to open council meetings…