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Colorado State Legislature

  • A coalition of community and local government agencies wants to continue use of the warming centers first implemented outside The Bridge Shelter in Cortez over the holidays. And the first week of the legislative session is almost over, and more than one hundred new bills have been introduced for consideration.
  • Colorado lawmakers are meeting Thursday to edit the state’s voting guide. And Colorado Republicans trying to oust a state senator who left their party to join the Democrats are cheering a legal opinion that will likely boost their recall effort.
  • A Republican Colorado state Senator from Adams County says he is switching to the Democratic party because the GOP is embracing false claims the last presidential election was stolen. And a woman has been missing for three days in Zion National Park after she was most likely caught in a flash flood.
  • States in the Colorado River Basin failed to meet a federal deadline Tuesday to conserve an unprecedented amount of water. And Colorado lawmakers will pursue at least ten wildfire prevention programs when they kick off their legislative session in January.
  • The non-violent crime records of more than a million Coloradans will soon be sealed thanks to a new law Governor Jared Polis signed this week. And two Utah families are challenging the recent state bill that bars trans girls from competing in school sports.
  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed a bill to cover college tuition for the state’s foster youth. And Colorado has launched a new bus service connecting the Front Range to the mountains.
  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis has issued an executive order he says will help residents endure the nationwide shortage of baby formula. Governor Polis also signed a bill on Wednesday he says will prevent people from dying of fentanyl poisoning.
  • Colorado is preparing to spend one point five million dollars on a variety of programs aimed at getting youth from underserved communities into the great outdoors. And a federal judge has vacated a plan for drilling and fracking in the North Fork and Thompson Divide areas of Colorado.
  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed a fifty six million dollar wildfire prevention program into law. And the Plumtaw Fire is burning about seven miles north of Pagosa Springs in the San Juan National Forest.
  • Coloradans are on edge as climate change is fueling bigger, more destructive fires that are destroying entire neighborhoods and forcing evacuations all sound the state. Some forecasters say things could get worse this summer than they’ve ever been.