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  • Wildfires in the panhandle of Texas and south central Oklahoma could impact beef supply, more concerns about getting a new Farm Bill passed in Congress, the EPA announces a new Office of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,and cases of canine respiratory disease in Colorado have dropped significantly.
  • Monsoon rains bring much needed, albeit inconsistent, rain to the area, a new report contends that 11 million acres of America’s agricultural land were developed or converted to uses that threaten farming, a breakdown of water use by agriculture, and the 2023 Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year Contest is underway.
  • Four Corners K-9 Search and Rescue is the latest organization helping Native families find missing loved ones. They operate mostly in the Navajo Nation where resources for rescue are spare. KZMU’s Justin Higginbottom spoke with the founder of the group about what she and her two dogs find in the deserts of this region.
  • K-9 Search and Rescue can be critical when lives are on the line and emergency personnel need specialized assistance. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Chuck…