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Farm commodity prices

  • The Gardner Food and Agricultural Policy Survey asks consumers about how food and agricultural issues affect them, inflation is pushing grocery prices up almost 12% in the past year, and while many farmers are concerned that the ag economy is in trouble, other farmers and investors remain bullish on farmland.
  • Cattle ranchers are getting squeezed by high costs of maintaining their herds while calf prices fall, the government continues to fund a variety of agriculture programs, United Nations officials warn that the war in Ukraine threatens a hunger crisis, and a farm in Ukraine takes in displaced animals.
  • A USDA Crop Progress report has rated half of the country's pasture and range conditions as poor, filling a tractor tank daily now costs some farmers $1,000, twice what it was a year ago, and the USDA addresses baby formula shortages and possible milk substitutes.
  • The price of lumber has more than doubled during the pandemic. Now people are turning to extreme DIY for building projects. Instead of buying boards, they're buying their own sawmills.
  • The recent warm weather throughout most of the U.S. is enticing cooks to venture outdoors to throw some meat on on the grill. Beef producers have…
  • Farming and ranching operations are complex businesses. Unlike factories that produce consumer goods, which can ramp up or scale down production quickly,…
  • Low crop, dairy and livestock prices are plaguing farmers around the globe. U. S. farmers are now facing competition from some of the same countries that…