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grey wolf reintroduction

  • Data from USDA’s Economic Research Service suggests that net farm income will drop sharply from last year, the Colorado Wolf Restoration Final Plan outlines release locations and constraints, major tractor manufacturers anticipate bringing smaller utility electric tractors to the market, and suggestions for bringing home a pest-free live Christmas tree this year.
  • A new cattle inventory report estimates the total inventory is down almost 3% from a year ago, the USDA announces that food price inflation for 2023 will be slightly lower than last year, the U.S. Senate votes to prohibit China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran from purchasing U.S. agricultural land and agricultural businesses, wolf reintroduction in western Colorado concerns neighboring states, and scientists express concerns about neonicotinoids’ environmental harm and effects on human health.
  • The Senate Agriculture Committee passed two bills on Wednesday dealing with the regulation of the cattle industry, an activist organization specializing in research about agricultural subsides reports that the government paid a record $41.6 billion in a variety of subsidies to farmers in 2020, double the amount they received in 2018, and reintroduction of wolves in Colorado remains a controversial topic with livestock producers.
  • A year after Colorado took the historic step of voting to reintroduce grey wolves, the state just got a possible road map for the project after months of public meetings; the Montezuma County Board of Commissioners announced it will vote on next year’s budget for the county at its meeting on December 7.
  • A new Colorado law offers a pathway to an associates degree for thousands of students who have completed course work at public colleges and…