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Irrigation water

  • The USDA projects U.S. agricultural exports will decline while imports will increase, egg prices could fall dramatically this year if avian influenza stays in check, urban and agricultural interests bring up questions about Colorado River Basin water management, and a new USDA report shows that overall farmland is declining across the country while large farm consolidation is on the rise.
  • The System Conservation Pilot Program was recently rebooted with $125 million in funding from the Inflation Reduction Act to fight shrinking water levels in Lake Powell.
  • Monsoon rains bring much needed, albeit inconsistent, rain to the area, a new report contends that 11 million acres of America’s agricultural land were developed or converted to uses that threaten farming, a breakdown of water use by agriculture, and the 2023 Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year Contest is underway.
  • When it comes to water in the West, a lot of it is visible. Snow stacks up high in the mountains then eventually melts and flows down into valleys. It’s easy to see how heavy rains and rushing rivers translate into an abundance of available water. But another important factor of water availability is much harder to see.
  • Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company announced a tentative water shut-off for August 29 — a decision rumored among shareholders and farmhands since the…
  • In southwest Colorado, we are always on the verge of a drought. To help mitigate the effects of dry periods in the future, the the Dolores Project Drought…
  • Balancing the water supply provided by the Dolores River is no easy task for the Dolores Water Conservancy District. Recreational boaters want robust…