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  • Arguments continue to rage over whether President Biden should designate a national monument on lands along the Dolores River.
  • Agriculture in Indian Country generated almost $6.5 billion in 2022, avian influenza has led to infections and depopulation of more than 115 million chickens and turkeys, the collapse of the Baltimore Key Bridge and shut down the Port of Baltimore impacts farm machinery and agricultural exports, low water levels in the Mississippi River continue to affect agricultural transport, and U.S. farm income is falling as low commodity prices, trade headwinds, and higher costs squeeze profits.
  • Farmers, landowners and local government agencies will come together on Wednesday in Towaoc for the latest listening session on a plan to protect and manage the Mancos River. The group behind the plan is made up of municipalities and organizations that lie along the river, like Mesa Verde National Park, the Mancos Conservation District and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, that have voluntarily joined together to coordinate on management. The listening session is intended for tribal members and ag producers who rely on the river to give feedback on a new watershed stream management plan. It’ll serve as a guide for communities to better use and conserve water resources, and could include voluntary or compensated changes to irrigation rules during drier years. More outreach sessions will take place starting this spring and summer for feedback on the first draft. And the Bureau of Land Management says it plans to remove roughly 91 wild burros from rangelands near Canyonlands National Park.
  • Low Mississippi River and Panama Canal levels continue to impact grain shipments, food-at-home prices are up almost 2.5% compared with last October, and Congress continues to delay a new Farm Bill.
  • Congress won’t pass a new farm bill prior to the expiration of the 2018 Farm Bill on September 30th, the USDA lowers its forecast for total milk production this year by 400 million pounds, and low water levels are affecting ship traffic through the Panama Canal.
  • The USDA is projecting that net farm income will drop sharply in 2023, low water levels in the Mississippi River cause increase in barge shipping rates, and how livestock producers can adapt to a changing climate that may affect those who rely on pasture and rangeland plants.
  • The Carbondale Board of Trustees unanimously approved a resolution last week to support a federal designation of the Crystal River as Wild & Scenic. And in Montezuma County, District Attorney Matthew Margeson said his office has been encountering problems with hiring and retaining prosecutors in recent years.
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