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  • The Bureau of Land Management will reassess its policies on oil- and gas-rich lands near the Navajo Nation, surrounding Chaco Canyon National Historical Park. And the new year has brought plenty of snow to the Mountain West, pushing snowpack totals above average across most of the region.
  • Survey of agricultural producers shows positive outlook but lingering concerns, records indicate Denver received less precipitation than Death Valley in the last six months of 2021, and fast food restaurants continue to offer new plant-based menu options.
  • Snowpack in the region is up significantly after last week's storm, grocery prices are climbing at their fastest pace since 2008, a company plans to produce carbon reduced chickens that will be partially raised on food waste diverted from grocery stores, and some food companies are making climate claims to consumers who are concerned about the environmental impact of products they buy.
  • Southwest Colorado has the lowest snowpack in 22 years with about 30% of the normal snow for this time of year, Denver has gone 229 days without measurable snowfall, breaking a record that dates back to 1882, and Christmas tree growers are ready for a big season in 2021.